Real Photographs & Hair Extension Makeovers by Ann Marie Walts

When is the the last time you ABSOLUTELY LOVED your hair? 

Maybe you’re tired and frustrated with your fine & flat hair? 

You’re only a consultation appointment away from Ann Marie designing a solution , and makeover experience that will have you feeling fantastic! 


Discover Unlimited Options


Highest Quality

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are 100% of Real Human Hair.   They are considered the “Mercedes Benz” in the hair extension market. 

If you only want “the best”, then you’ll love what Great Lengths has to offer!


Great Lengths can guarantee hair meets the following quality criteria:

  • All strands were donated voluntarily and with the full consent of the person it comes from.


  • A fair and appropriate price was paid for the hair. A Great Lengths employee immediately takes the hair for it to carefully be sorted and selected for further processing.


  • Great Lengths means an exclusive, controlled production process from the first step to the last: from accepting the hair all the way to selling it, the in-house production ensures full traceability in producing the extensions.

Great Lengths Certified.

GL Certified stylists that have built their careers on their creative talent that’s rooted in the quality of their workmanship.

Since 2006, Ann Marie Walts is proud to be a Certified Great Lengths Hair Extension Specialist/Certified Hair Colorist and Professional Photographer

She is well verse in all 3 Great Lengths applications, and is also certified by 5 other hair extension companies.

Who Are Hair Extensions for?

Everyone, and for so many reasons!

Your experience begins at your Makeover Consultation. 

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