When Is The Last Time You Loved Your Hair?

Hair Extensions can be your best friend...because your hair is your best accessory.   You wear your hair everyday, and getting hair extensions will be the best "beauty event" that you will get to experience.

Once you experience Great Lengths....You will know what all of the fuss is about!


Stand back for the ARTIST at work! Ann Marie provides individualized, customized RESULTS that matter, Every time I leave The Loft I am transformed and SMILING. She is a master of her craft(s), which is totally to my benefit! And she loves what she does ,so she rocks it – every time! I would highly recommend this experience for extensions (lashes and hair), color, cuts nails and toes, but only for those people who know they deserve and expect a higher level of service and experience.

Laura Warren

The tape-in extensions are fabulous! They look natural and pretty. I wasn’t out of the salon for 5 minutes when I started receiving compliments from strangers. Ann Marie is beyond an expert when it comes to hair.
Marie N.


I recently had my hair done by Ann Marie and I am absolutely in love with everything she did! She transformed my hair completely and it looks amazing. I went in with dirty blonde hair and left with a deep brown beautiful color with extensions. The process of getting them installed took all day but we had a lot of fun.

We ate food, watched netflix, listen to music and got to finish the day with a great photo shoot with the finished product. I am beyond pleased with how everything turned out and the service was spectacular. I felt extremely comfortable with everything due to the fact Ann knows everything about what she’s doing down to the littlest detail. She really cares about making you happy and making sure you are nothing short of satisfied. GO SEE HER!!!!!!!!

Gina B.

I wish I found Ann Marie sooner…I finally love my hair! I have fine hair and was getting so frustrated with it. In fact, you should see my bathroom cabinet of styling products.

Anyhow, about 2 years ago I decided that maybe I should look into getting extensions. My hair has never looked better, and no one can tell that I am wearing them.

Not only do I love how thick my hair feels now, but I also am very pleased with my haircolor. She meticulously color matched my both my extensions and hair color.

After my makeover, she took me out for my own personal photo shoot. I had such a great time.

Currently, I always look forward to my “me” time now. She runs on time, and her expertise is worth every penny.

I highly recommend that you call her, for many reasons, and especially if you are considering getting hair extensions.

Kathleen Brunelle

One of the best salon experiences I’ve had so far! Ann makes every appointment private/one-on-one so you feel like you are getting celebrity treatment.

I went in to get some tape extensions filled (I had them done by someone else in another town), when she told me that the extensions I paid for were originally blonde (my hair is dark brown) and that the salon just secretly bleached them without telling me.

The blond tape would always show through my scalp when the wind would blow–I always just thought that was the color of the tape for tape extensions. Ann fixed them immediately, and put in Great Lengths extensions that actually matched my hair color, and hair weight as well. They feel so great, I can’t even tell I’m wearing them! Ann really does know what she’s talking about!

Jordan Houston

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