Boston Hair Extensions – See Italy Great Lengths Video

If you are crazy about hair extensions, can you imagine getting to go to the Great Lengths Hair Extension Factory?!

It was wall to wall hair.  I felt like I was in hair heaven.


How far would you drive for gorgeous hair?

Hair Extension-The Loft Salon Studio

Hair Color , Hair Extensions & Photography by Ann Marie Walts

Massachusetts really is not that big of a state.

Now if you lived in Texas, and I tried to convince you that it is worth the ride….well then it just may take you a little longer….lol.


Seriously, though, if you reside in Boston, CT or Worcester then West Springfield is not that far out of the way when you are seriously considering getting hair extensions.


If you commute from Boston to get hair extensions, you will find that my private studio is only about 85 miles west & off of Interstate 90.

  • New Haven is about 75 minutes
  • Suffield Ct 40 minutes
  • Worcester is about 45-50


[hc-hmw snippet=”Consultation”]


Pampering & Private


*Mobile Consultations arrangements can be made.





You will experience a completely private appointment & you will get the

entire studio to yourself.


I am versed in all aspects necessary to take care of your hair from start to finish.  I would be personally taking care of you….not an assistant.

  • Haircolor
  • Smoothing Texture
  • Blending/Cutting Extensions


All work is customized.

Price At Consultation.


Ann Marie Walts

Owner of The Loft Salon Studio

2301 Westfield Street

West Springfield, Mass 01089




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