Hair Extensions Salon In Western Massachusetts

I am  only about 85 miles from Boston.

Hair extensions can maintain the integrity of your hair while allowing your own hair grow out.

I offer cold fusion, tape extensions and thermal applications.


Which hair extension application is safe?


As I have been professionally applying  extensions for 12 years, It is my experience that most hair extension applications are equally “safe”…when professionally applied and properly cared for. 


 I specialize in Great Lengths & Hotheads Hair Extensions.


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The Loft Salon Studio

Hair Extensions Western Massachusetts

The Only Way To Go


No more bad hair days!

It was not until I started wearing extensions, that I could complete describe how they felt and how much fun it was to have the ability to change my hair’s thickness and or color without stressing out my hair.


How Long Do They Last?


That will be dependent on the type of application, however they can last up to  4 to 5 month with proper care.


I am a makeover artist & photographer.    Your hair extension appointment is more like an event that is centered around just you!


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