Micro Bonding Hair Extensions

is a special technique for hair extensions for fine hair.  Customized hair extensions that respect fine hair are safer. You may pay a little more and the installation will take slightly longer but the benefits out way the alternative.

It is very, very rare that I have ever not had to customize the size of the bond that comes in from the factory.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions -Western Ma

About the only time that the keratin bond would not have as much customization would be for thick to very thick haired clients. For the most part, (myself included) clients that have fine to medium hair density will need to keratin bonds that are considered & customized with the micro bonding technique.

Benefits Of Customization

The rule of thumb, for properly applied extensions, is that “density should match density”.   The addition of hair will definitely add thickness and volume, but you do not want to put any stress on your own hair’s root area. Great Lengths education is by far the best out there. Even if this is only my professional opinion, it is stems from my own efforts of becoming certified with several other manufacturers. In fact, one manufacturer cut my $1,800 (one day class) short and sent me home because they just kept saying, “You know what to do and what you are doing because Great Lengths trained you…”



My work is clean and I fix poor applications from other salons, often

My work is clean and I fix poor applications from other salons, often

Sloppy Applications

The word “sloppy” is a very strong word to use, however pictures speak 1,000 words and the disappointment of the clients that I have had to correct have had a few things to share of their experiences.   The hair extension correction shown is an example where micro bonding was not offered.  In addition to that, this client experienced:

  • Sleepless nights
  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Loss of money
  • Very Disappointing experience

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